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Alpinus Manuka Oil - Premium Care Gift Package

Alpinus Manuka Oil - Premium Care Gift Package

The Ultimate Gift - Treat that special person with our complete care package of Manuka Oil products that includes a complimentary honey from the Alpinus station property.


We will individually pack a bespoke care package complete with wooden box, and a individual note to help in creating that perfect gift.

The gift pack includes the following Alpinus products:

  • 1x Hand & Body Lotion - 200ml
  • 1x Face Serum - 30ml
  • 1x Advanced Face Cream - 50ml
  • 1x Advanced Eye Cream - 15ml
  • 1x Healing Balm -15g
  • 1x Pure 100% Manuka Essential Oil - 10ml
  • 1x Complimentary Honey

    Introducing The Ultimate Gift: A Luxurious Manuka Oil Care Package

    Spoil that special someone with our meticulously curated care package featuring a range of exquisite Manuka Oil products, accompanied by a complimentary jar of honey sourced from the prestigious Alpinus station property.

    Every detail has been carefully considered, from the thoughtfully handcrafted wooden box to the personalized note tucked inside, ensuring that this gift is as unique and memorable as the recipient.

    Inside this extraordinary care package, they will discover:

    🌿 Hand & Body Lotion - 200ml: Nourish and hydrate their skin with this sumptuous lotion, enriched with the remarkable properties of Manuka Oil.

    🌿 Face Serum - 30ml: Rejuvenate and revitalize their complexion with this powerful serum, delivering a boost of intensive hydration and promoting a youthful glow.

    🌿 Advanced Face Cream - 50ml: Pamper their skin with our advanced face cream, formulated to restore moisture, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and leave their face feeling soft and supple.

    🌿 Advanced Eye Cream - 15ml: Targeting the delicate eye area, this luxurious cream will help minimize the signs of aging, diminish puffiness, and brighten the under-eye for a refreshed look.

    🌿 Healing Balm - 15g: Soothe and protect dry, cracked, or irritated skin with our healing balm, infused with the calming properties of Manuka Oil to promote healing and rejuvenation.

    🌿 Pure 100% Manuka Essential Oil - 10ml: Experience the pure essence of Manuka Oil with this exceptional product, known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, offering a myriad of potential benefits.

    🌿 Complimentary Honey: Indulge in the sweetness of Alpinus station's finest honey, perfectly complementing the Manuka Oil products and creating a delightful sensory experience.

    Crafted with care and passion, this complete Alpinus Manuka Oil care package is the ultimate gift to show your love and appreciation. Let them bask in the luxurious embrace of nature's finest ingredients, leaving them feeling cherished, rejuvenated, and deeply pampered.

    Order now and prepare to witness their face light up with joy as they uncover the treasures of this extraordinary gift.

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