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Our Mānuka Story

The Mānuka plant of New Zealand is unique in many ways. Its leaves contain a special oil that is rich in bioactive compounds. Research has shown mānuka oil to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, antioxidant, skin care and anti-aging effects.

Alpīnus Alpine Mānuka differs from that of its more coastal siblings. The alpine environment is climatically harsher, located on the purest of mountains, and has no ocean salt influences like most New Zealand oils. Plants in these alpine environments consist of greater qualities for protection and survival. Alpine manuka is also exposed to higher levels of UV light which further drives the production of unique and beneficial qualities to its oil. Because of the higher UV levels at higher elevations, the plants' protective properties are further enhanced.

The Alpīnus Mānuka Story

New Zealand Mānuka, botanical name Leptospermum scoparium, is well known by the indigenous Māori people for its many health benefits. One of the key explanations for the bioactivity-richness of mānuka is driven by high ultraviolet light levels. New Zealand has among the highest levels of ultraviolet light in the world due of its placement beneath a thin layer in the ozone layer.


Because we prepare everything in small quantities by hand, we can guarantee the highest quality while also ensuring that the potency and freshness of our goods are never compromised. We believe in skincare that is simple, clean, and most importantly, effective.

Antioxidants, anti-aging, and skin nourishment are just some of the benefits of our Alpinus Manuka products, which are made in-house. Wildcrafted sustainable plant trimmings provide all the nutrients your skin needs to maintain a healthy balance. Your skin is infused with unique properties that plants employ to withstand harsh and persistent environments.


Our wildcrafted plants are the best we can find; they are chemical-free, eco-friendly, collected sustainably, and brimming with medicinal potential. We harvest a small quantity from each plant that enhances regrowth in following years and promotes regeneration of the ecosystem.

We ethically acquire the finest raw natural resources available, collaborating with our specialists to develop delicate solutions for your comfort, and proven performance. Products are free from harmful substances.

Our premium collection of bases are a luxury blend of 100% organic plant butters and oils blended with an eco-cert emulsifier to give products a premium feel. They are 100% organic and vegan friendly.
Organic essential oils are extracted using a therapeutic and gentle vacuum steam-distillation method, extracting the finer notes from plant material in comparison with other pressurised steam distillation systems. Natural springs on the property provide some of the finest water in the world for the process.



Manuka botanicals (Mānuka huaota) are considered superfoods for the skin because they are rich in antioxidants and nutrition. Due to the challenging climatic conditions and short growth season in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, our premium Manuka oils contain protective active ingredients and have potent antioxidant capabilities.With an extraordinarily high source of vitality, higher vitamin values, and purity, we use wildcrafted Manuka oil as a integral ingredient in our products that are designed by nature for your enjoyment.A variety of health products developed in New Zealand that are inspired by traditional Māori herbal medicines and supported by scientific study. 


As a values-driven company, we adhere to Kaitiakitanga ideals (guardianship and protection). Simply put, we believe in true sustainability and consider ourselves stewards of the natural world and its resources. We endeavour to improve as knowledge and technology allow.Our ingredients are acquired sustainably, and we continue to strive for 100% earth and eco-friendly production. The property funds its own natural environment restoration and protection efforts. Not only is a carbon sink for New Zealand ensured, but native ecosystems unique to New Zealand are also protected. We are inspired by our industry's long-term growth, which creates jobs and opportunity in our community.

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Our range of high end, hand crafted, skin care and essential oils are designed for your wellbeing.

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Alpīnus Essentials established on the breathtaking Alpīnus Station of the Waimakariri Gorge in New Zealand, offers the finest Mānuka essential oils and other Mānuka products New Zealand has on offer. Its alpine locality and ecosystem maximises quality like no other.

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