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About Alpīnus 

Alpīnus Tiaki & Sustainability



As an enterprise motivated by values, we adhere to Kaitiakitanga ideals (guardianship and protection). This simply means that we believe in true sustainability and are stewards of the natural world and its resources.


Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and we continue to strive for 100% earth and eco-friendly production.


Sustainability is high on our chain of values and as such the concepts of packaging systems have been selected and created with this mindset.


Over the centuries, the human-environment relationship has grown from a circular one to a linear one. In the past, what our ancestors used to take from nature was returned to nature at the end of its life. Recycling closes the loop for a circular economy, but the more complicated any packaging design, the lower the chance of it being recycled, and the consumer needs to play their part.


There is no easy answer to the sustainable product question and as such each approach can only be considered as aiming for best practice within economic and social boundaries. Technologies and developments in the future will allow us to refine further in the sustainability conquest. Making a sound start now however is a large step in the right direction for us all.

In addition to employing sustainable production methods, our property also engages in natural ecosystem restoration and protection programmes. Ensuring a carbon sink that is not just larger than our activity footprint, but also large enough to benefit the health of the planet. These programmes also conserve our  indigenous New Zealand ecosystems.


We are motivated by our industry's sustainable growth, which generates jobs and opportunities for our community.

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