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Wellness... Pertaining from the Alps

In the untamed and beautiful Southern Alps of New Zealand, Alpīnus Essential Oils, Health Products and Experiences are offered to you by nature. High-quality alpine Mānuka oil health products are manufactured in small batches using sustainable methods to improve people's health and well-being. The fresh mountain air, pure spring waters, breathtaking scenery, and unique activities at Alpīnus Station all contribute to rejuvenating surroundings, a healthier you, and a better environment.

Aromatic Oil

Alpīnus Products

At Alpīnus we deliver a skincare range that creates beautiful outcomes for your skin. Our pure, wildcrafted, and organic ingredients create high-performance products of unrivalled quality and efficacy.

Alpīnus is inspired by New Zealand's indigenous Māori cultural rituals of using old remedies with wild, hand-picked native botanicals, used for centuries to for wellness and to nourish and cure the skin.

To assure the products' purity and quality, we work with nature to develop nutritional skincare that is ethical, sustainable, and handmade with love in our own mountain properties.

Our formulas are effective and contain only organic, wild-crafted ingredients from sustainable sources. We know that these are better for you and better for the environment, and the importance of using pure, natural ingredients for our bodies to absorb.

Alpīnus is focused on you. Our mission is to remind you to take care of yourself, nurture yourself, remember yourself, and pamper yourself in order to build a foundation of mental serenity, balance, and confidence.

Alpīnus Mānuka Gold is a seasonal reserve collection of the highest quality alpine Mānuka essential oil in its purest form.


Some qualities found in Alpīnus Mānuka Gold oil can only be found in other plants at high altitudes in the Himalayas, making it unique among all other oils discovered in New Zealand.


The calming and soothing qualities, combined with its gentle perfumes and aromas, result in a very unique and rare oil quality that is highly sought after by experts.

This small batched, limited edition Mānuka oil is not only of the highest quality, and the highest produced in New Zealand, but it is also hand sourced and gently vacuum distilled to maintain the greatest quality control. It is fully traceable to its source and each harvest thanks to its unique identifier codes.

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Premium Skin Care Products

It has been said that the Alpīnus Mānuka Oil skin care line is like a rare, not often seen superfood for the skin. This results from our products utilising the high alpine Mānuka Oil and its special qualities not seen elsewhere in New Zealand.


Each skin care product is carefully blended and formulated to maximise its inherent rejuvenating, calming, and anti-aging properties. A daily nutraceutical supplement that nourishes your skin.

Fragrance, texture, and purpose of skincare is very important to us. Skincare is a very personal thing and people have differing likes. Therefore we strive to include all of these elements to make your experience that much more special. The function and purpose of each component utilised in our formulations have been exhaustively examined by experts to ensure perfection.

Pipetting Skincare Product

Essential Oil Day Tour

Why just love our pure oils and skincare products when you can be a part of producing your own? 


This bespoke trip not only shares the beauty and wildness of the Southern Alps with you, but it is also an experience in New Zealand where you may capture the smell of your memories to take home with you. The sense of smell is one that will always conjure up happy memories for people.


Those that love treating themselves with high-end Mānuka wellness products can now experience the stunning environment it is grown in and the process of Mānuka oil distillation.


Our day packages include a stunning gourmet lunch tasting our food from the land. 

Essential Oil Tour

Alpīnus Essentials established on the breathtaking Alpīnus Station of the Waimakariri Gorge in New Zealand, offers the finest Mānuka essential oils and other Mānuka products New Zealand has on offer. Its alpine locality and ecosystem maximises quality like no other.

Essential Oils
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Spa and Wellness
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