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Alpinus Manuka Oil - Premium Hand & Body Lotion - 200mls

Alpinus Manuka Oil - Premium Hand & Body Lotion - 200mls

A rich, nourishing, and calming cream formulated to protect and soothe the skin. Composed carefully with unique skin-softening botanical extracts and high-alpine Mānuka oil so you can take care, nurture, and pamper yourself on a regular basis.


    Introducing our luxurious Skin-Soothing Cream: a blissful blend of nature's finest ingredients, crafted to provide your skin with the ultimate protection and tranquility it deserves. Indulge in the rich, nourishing goodness of our carefully formulated cream, designed to soothe and pamper you every day.


    Enriched with an exquisite selection of botanical extracts, our cream embraces your skin with a tender touch, leaving it feeling velvety soft and supple. Each ingredient has been thoughtfully chosen to provide a truly transformative experience, revealing your skin's natural radiance.


    Harnessing the power of high-alpine Mānuka oil, our cream delivers a wave of calming sensations, melting away the stresses of your day. Feel the gentle caress of this precious oil as it works its magic, soothing and restoring balance to your skin.


    With every application, you can immerse yourself in a world of self-care and nurture. Allow our cream to envelop you in a harmonious embrace, as you embark on a journey of rejuvenation and self-indulgence.


    Elevate your skincare routine to new heights. Embrace the beauty of nature and give your skin the care it deserves with our Skin-Soothing Cream. Discover the wonders of botanical luxury and experience the tranquility of radiant, nourished skin. Pamper yourself, embrace the moment, and unlock your true radiance.


    Directions for Safe Use

    Directions: Massage gently onto skin after showering or washing.


    Caution: For external use only. Before using for the first time, apply a test patch, and stop using if irritation develops. Avoid contact with eyes.

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